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Volunteer your time to learn and educate others about Loop® biosolids, the nutrient rich product of the wastewater treatment process, as well as sustainable gardening and more! You will receive training, a Loop t-shirt, and free bag of GroCo compost made with Loop. In exchange, you will volunteer to share your knowledge. Email us if you’re interested!

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In the Boulder Park area of eastern WA the wind can get so bad it’ll tear up the ground and blow dust for miles. But when a small group of farmers tried using biosolids it worked to stop that wind erosion dead in its tracks. These farmers tell their amazing stories about how this unlikely recycled fertilizer is helping them to go beyond sustainability.

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Climate Impacts

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Loaded with nutrients and organic matter Loop helps us to fight climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil and offsetting carbon emissions associated with synthetic fertilizer. By using 100% of Loop as a soil amendment over 42,000 tons of CO2 equivalents are offset each year. That’s like taking over 8,000 cars off the road!

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