Community gardens

13. Crops

In partnership with King Conservation District, we invite King County Community Gardens to apply to receive FREE delivery and product of up to 10 yards of GroCo compost (made with Loop). 100 yards total are available per year, while supplies last, and qualifying community gardens must help meet the needs of underserved communities.

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What do you see about this tree ring?  Do you know what made this grow faster? Your high school biology class may not have covered the surprising role our poop plays in growing healthy trees. Executive Director of Northwest Biosolids, Maile Lono-Batura, laughs about how a guest lecture in her biology class inspired a lifetime of learning and a career she never expected. 

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Fights Climate Change

Carbon Diagram cropped

Loaded with nutrients and organic matter, Loop helps us to fight climate change by storing carbon in the soil and offsetting the carbon emissions from chemical fertilizer. By using 100% of Loop as a soil builder, over 42,000 tons of CO2 equivalents are offset each year. That’s like taking over 8,000 cars off the road!

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