Loop Landscapes Photo Contest

January 24, 2018

Loop landscapes photo contest

Share your favorite photo of how you build good soil and help plants thrive by entering the 2018 Loop landscapes photo contest. Winners will receive a coupon for FREE bags of GroCo compost made with Loop, and even a Loop hat.

The 2018 Loop landscapes photo contest has 5 categories with prizes awarded for the top 3 photos in each category. Prize winning photos will be featured on our website.

  • Mesmerizing macro – the little things you don’t notice with the naked eye
  • Soil and seedlings – rich soil, new garden beds and the first signs of spring
  • Flourishing fauna  from furry friends to buzzing bees
  • Lush landscapes – spaces – from the smallest container garden to endless fields
  • Plants and people  the human element

Contest Instructions 

Deadline March 15th, 2018

Send the following to loop@kingcounty.gov

  1. Photo and caption
  2. Category
  3. Name
  4. Email or contact info

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Loop crowdsourced map

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By entering a photo, you agree to:

Consent to and authorize use and reproduction of all photographs and video taken of me for purposes of World Wide Web internet pages, publication, display, video presentations, and advertising for King County.  I understand that all digital files, negatives, positives, prints and transparencies will be King County’s property and can be used and reproduced without compensation to me.  King County’s photographs are in public domain and cannot be copyrighted or used commercially.

I hereby release and discharge King County from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the photographs and text, including any and all claims for libel.