Northwest Flower and Garden Show

February 7th - 11th, 2018

Flower and Garden Show Loop

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show has been heralding the start of spring since 1989, as gardening enthusiasts from around the Northwest flock to this annual celebration held in the beautiful Washington State Convention Center for five magical days.

Stop by our popular Loop booth #2412 to get a sample of GroCo compost made with Loop! GroCo compost is made with Loop biosolids and sawdust from local mills and composted for over a year. Dark, rich, and odor- free, it has a full suite of nutrients and loads of organic matter to improve the soil and grow lush, healthy gardens and landscapes. 

Local and recycled, GroCo compost has enriched Pacific Northwest landscapes since the 1970’s. Want to give GroCo compost a try in your own garden? Just come and say hi!

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King Conservation District Native Bareroot Sale

February 24, 2018 9am - 3pm

Marckworth Forest Salal amended with Loop

After you pick up your new native plants at the King Conservation District Native Bareroot Plant Sale, grab a sample of GroCo compost made with Loop! GroCo compost is rich in organic matter and loaded with essential nutrients that plants, especially new plants, love. If you love it too, larger quantities of GroCo compost can be purchased at Sawdust Supply.

Stop by the Loop booth from 9am-1pm and learn more about how we make Loop and how we’re working with King Conservation District to support urban agriculture

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Children at CHOMP!

CHOMP! is a new kind of County Fair. Join us August 19 at King County’s Marymoor Park for a day of local food, live music, green living workshops and activities for the whole family.

Meet and interact with local farmers, community organizations, chefs and musicians in a family-friendly, completely free celebration of what makes King County great.

There’s a soil safari at the Loop® biosolids booth, where you can hunt for all  the different kinds of soil microorganisms and see how Loop builds healthy soil.   

Loop is proud to participate in the CHOMP! festival, and to sponsor the CHOMP! Dinner in the Park as a farmer by providing produce from CitySoil Farm which is grown with compost made with Loop and Recycled Water.

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