Loop is used on agricultural crops and forests by commercial growers in both eastern and western Washington. As an ingredient in GroCo compost, Loop has been used on gardens and landscapes for decades.

In Douglas County, Boulder Park, Inc. manages the distribution of Loop to local farmers, while Natural Selection Farms manages Loop in Yakima and neighboring counties. Loop is also used in commercial forestry operations through special arrangements with King County. A small amount of Loop is sent to GroCo, Inc., who composts it with sawdust to make GroCo compost for local landscapes and gardens.

Below are a few testimonials from some of our end users.

GroCo Compost

We’ve been composting Loop for over 30 years. It makes a good black, rich, compost material. It’s an ideal product for composting because it’s high in nitrogen, it’s incredibly consistent, and the moisture content is good. — Curley Winebrenner, Retired Manager, GroCo Inc.

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City Soil Community Farm Project

I have been growing food my entire life. I’m a fourth generation farmer. When I came to City Soil and started using compost made with Loop, I noticed immediately that the season came harder. It came faster. The food is very big and delicious. I have fruit trees that are breaking in half, they’re so full of fruit. It’s a phenomenon I’ve never seen before, and I have to attribute that to recycling so many nutrients back into our soil…

There’s also very little pest problems, which is something that any farmer knows about. You have bugs. You have good bugs, you have bad bugs, you have slugs that eat your food. I don’t have that much of a problem at City Soil Farm because the plants are so healthy. — Fedora Williams, Urban Farm Manager, King Conservation District

Boulder Park Inc.

Biosolids like Loop are an outstanding fertilizer replacement and soil amendment option for farmers in Douglas County. In 1992, three local farmer/landowners began applying King County’s Loop biosolids to their wheat ground. Other farmers and the community at large could see that biosolids were a good value: they produced equal or higher yields than chemical fertilizer, increased soil organic matter, retained soil moisture, reduced wind erosion, and provided the ability to bale more straw without worrying about erosion. Our project has grown from 3 initial farmers to more than 130 farmers wanting Loop from King County.

We strongly support university research on our fields. Scientific studies in Douglas County have demonstrated the safety and benefits from using biosolids. A recent joint UW-WSU study showed that even when the wheat straw is baled, Loop biosolids increase the carbon stored in the soil. Because of the numerous benefits to our soils and crops from using biosolids, many Douglas County farmers use it and more are waiting to receive it. — Dave Ruud, Operations Manager, Boulder Park Inc.

Mountains to Sound Greenway

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust environmental education

Loop biosolids provide a multitude of benefits in the Mountains to Sound Greenway.

We believe that when we are connected with nature, our lives are better. The sustainable balance between thriving cities and a healthy natural environment makes the Puget Sound region like no other place in the world. Forest application of Loop in the Greenway helps to improve forest health on the edge of a major metropolitan area. Maintaining a balance between growing urban areas and the landscape is a mission that requires a multi-generational commitment. We view the 1.5 million-acre Greenway as an outdoor classroom in which to engage 4th-12th grade students in science education, including topics like forest ecology and nutrient recycling. Students also help maintain our native plant nursery, where every tree and shrub is grown in GroCo compost. Every year over 5,000 youth and adult volunteers plant trees in the Greenway, restoring forest lands and recreation areas for future generations to enjoy. — Jon Hoekstra, Executive Director, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

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